Run a Free and Instant Website Audit

In online marketing, is it possible to work smarter and faster to optimise the search engines?

It is as long as you have the right tools. When it comes to optimizing the search engines, you should run a free and instant website audit to better understand the functional areas of your site’s performance online. What’s more interesting is that there are free tools on the market that can cover a number of your most common SEO needs.

How important is website audit?
The main goal of a website audit is to know and identify shortcomings of your website. You get to check if your site goes through the correct receivers and know if navigation is relevant. A website audit will also analyzes other multimedia features, like flash animation. Most of all, traffic is monitored as it’s a significant factor in achieving success to your site and generating sales.

When you run a free and instant website audit, you can have an insight of new graphic and strategic ideas. It helps you tweak some components of your site that may be hampering your site’s performance. The report will give you an understanding of your overall site’s traffic ranking, search percentages and bounce rates.

Furthermore, a website audit will help you develop a new online marketing strategy that will definitely improve your site’s performance, thereby, competing effectively against your competitors. With the new strategy, you can snowball traffic to your website.

The report indicates the kind of traffic you’re getting and where is it coming from. You also get to know the search terms of keywords used to trigger your site.

A free and instant website audit may not be complete but the report is more than enough to provide feedback on links or problems with your site’s links. The auditing of your site can help you identify all broken links so you can correct them and ensure that your site will be free of broken links. When it comes to optimizing your site for the search engine, broken links should be corrected as soon as possible as they could only hamper the overall functionalities of your website.

Choosing an Website Audit Plan
When you consider having a website audit plan, it’s important that you choose the right plan to identify all issues, whether they’re on-site or off-site, and receive recommendations to address those issues. Depending on your business goals, it’s important to perform a website audit at least twice a year.