Google Offers Better Search Results for Travel Sites

Google Offers Better Search Results for Travel Sites

Google Offers Better Search Results for Travel Sites

Google is giving its users more reasons to utilize its search engine. Recently, the company announced that it is expanding its mobile search formats. The new formats will now include flight price tracking, discovery ads, and several others.

The latest features will be added in the coming weeks. They can help consumers with travel-related searches. As a user, you can see broader retailers’ offerings found in the Showcase Shopping Ads carousel.

With these new features, companies can improve their brand visibility on the mobile web. As most of you know, mobile web is getting more and more popular.

If you are a travel website owner, there are things that you can do to ensure that your mobile customers are getting the best web experience when they visit your site.

That said, you must make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that mobile search users are different from desktop search users.

Desktop users, for example, will type in hotels to find hotels they want to stay in. Mobile users, on the other hand, are more likely to search for directions or availability of nearby hotels.

It is also important to understand that mobile search users want immediate results. For that reason, your site should make it easier for your users to find what they are looking for and complete the tasks they have in mind when they visit your site.

Because mobile users want immediate results, they don’t use unbranded search terms. What does this mean to you? It creates great opportunities for your local content. That said, your content should be optimized for unbranded search terms.

With the latest features of Google search, the company is indeed improving mobile web experience of its users. Most of the time, mobile users use broad search terms, instead of targeted keywords or specific terms. In several reports, there is roughly 40 percent of searches composed from general search terms.

Google Offers Better Search Results for Travel Sites

Taking advantage of this new feature of Google will allow local travel websites to be seen on mobile search results page. If you are an owner of a local travel site, this is your chance to boost your online visibility.

If you are currently wondering how you can maximize those benefits, you should consider working with an SEO expert or hire an SEO professional. Optimizing your travel website is not that easy. If you wish to improve your site’s online visibility, you must invest in SEO and hire an expert.